you Rebel

07/25/2006   |   growth    |       |    0 Comment

did you know when we sin we interrupt God’s will from being manifested in our lives?  did you also know that when we sin we rebel against God and His will for us?  john calls sin lawlessness.  when we sin we break the law of God which is His will… God sees sin as an uncivilized, rebellious, self-centered action against him.  it resembles a person who knows the laws of a state but yet rebellously chooses to do what he or she desires regardless of what the law states.  did you also know that it only takes one rebellious and defiant act to lead to a lifestyle of rebellion against God.  what one thing is God asking you to do that you don’t want to do?

how can we prevent recklessly rebelling against God?  john says, that if we abide in him we can prevent developing a lifestyle of sin… i like the image of cuddling up in the lap of Jesus seeking holistic nourishment and power from Him and Him alone.  let’s surrender our lives to him.  he’s safe, trustworthy, capable, reliable and committed to our good and His glory.  let’s not rebel against God’s will.  let’s surrender our will to Him…