Who is your personal trainer?

03/28/2006   |   Uncategorized    |       |    2 Comments

Sitting in a local hot spot last week I overheard someone chatting about meeting their personal trainer for a workout.  It’s amazing to hear and see how many people are committed to enhancing their physical bodies.  Part of me inside was thinking, “Wow – this chick is big money – a personal trainer – someone totally committed her.”  I had a flashback from my church planting bookcamp concerning how important it was for pastors to have mentors or en vogue “personal trainers.”  This person would be committed to your personal, spiritual, and ministry success.  I know what you’re thinking – Jesus is my personal trainer… (You’ve past the spiritual litmus test for today). :-)  Yes, but he also uses people to help train you as well.  Who is in your corner?  Who is believing you when no one else does?  Who spurs you on when you are about to throw in the towel?  Who has your best interest at heart?  Who is asking you the personal questions that keep you focused on Christ?  Who is training you to be a spiritual giant for Christ?  Who is believing God’s dreams for you?  Take the time to enter into partnership with a “personal trainer” today!  Someone out their is waiting on you…