what’s your rhythm?

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My wife, Susanne, and I just had our 4th child, Carter Michael Rose.  Wow! I am utterly amazed every time at the child birth miracle.  We now have an 8, 7, 5 year old and a 20 day old. 
Parenting a new born is mostly helping to establish a schedule of eating, sleeping, and playing.  Carter does not always want to sleep or eat or play….just cry!  Our older 3 kids have the routine down.  I tell them “it’s bed time, go brush your teeth, put on the pjs, and get in bed, I’ll be there shortly” and BAM… they git-r-dun [most nights…smile].    

This routine is sort of like a rhythm. 

Not so with my new little guy, he (me) is still figuring out the whole routine thing. For example the other night I was rocking Carter in my arms (greatest thing ever-btw).  Once he was asleep I realized that I messed up.  I was not ready to transfer him into his crib because I still needed to wrap him in a blanket and gently place him down w/o waking him up. 
Guess what?….it did not work, I woke him up with my clumsy blanket wrap job.  WAAAAAAA goes the baby. YIKES!
But I was prepared the next time and bingo…it worked because this time I thought about the next step.   Carter=asleep.  I had to think about each step, not just announce “bed time”

This taught me a lesson about my relationship with Jesus.  Following Jesus is as easy as keeping in step (or in rhythm)…read it here.  To establish a rhythm of loving, engaging, serving, and discipleship, I must think about the steps for each.  Steps of love, service, engagement, and being a disciple?  God is a God or rhythm. 

What’s your rhythm with God? What’s your next step? Are you prepared?


-Tommy Rose Community Life