What's your legacy – a final look at Gideon's life

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In May, we looked at how Gideon won a great victory for God against the Midianites. This past Sunday, we looked at his epilogue – what happened after that high point. Here’s a recap of the points for those that want to fill in gaps in some of the notes you took. Also feel free to send questions or comments God put on your heart from hearing the message or reading the text in on your own.

The text was Judges 8:22 – 9:5 and the main points are below

  1. Be Genuine – v22 – 26
  2. Recognize the true needs of the people you’re leading – V27
  3. Use your time wisely and prepare people for when you’re not around
  4. Don’t succeed in ministry and fail with your family

Be Genuine – v22 – 26

  • Gideon’s answer was more spiritual than his behavior
  • Gideon’s didn’t accept the invitation to become king, but he took advantage of the favor he had with the people to get what he wanted
  • If you’re trying to be different, why are you collecting status symbols from the people God just delivered you from?
  • Remember that God is more concerned with the consistency of our behavior than the sincerity of our verbal response

Recognize the true needs of the people you’re leading

  • External results are not proof that sin in our lives has been addressed
  • Gideon wanted to set up a monumen to the victory over the Midianites, but the people really needed a reminder to get right with God
  • When God deals with the stuff that everyone can see, we stop dealing with the stop that only He can see
  • The sin that we consider an acceptable loss can easily become a snag to those around us.

Use your time wisely and prepare people for when you’re not around

  • What was Gideon teaching the people during the 40 years of peace?
  • Adversity reveals how much we need God but prosperity reveals how much we want God
  • Adversity shows the distance between us and God while prosperity shows how close we are to the world. When you have options and choices, are you choosing Godly things or worldly things. When I get some more money/ time / energy, I’m going to…….
    What you fill in the gap with says something about where your heart is?
  • Gideon enjoyed a lot of women, had a ton of children and gave the child of his concubine a special name. (Abimelech means: “My father is the king”). We don’t see him preparing the people or leading them in Godliness
  • Don’t be surprised when people throw you under the bus if they’ve already kicked God to the curb (verses 34 and 35)

Don’t succeed in ministry and fail with your family

  • We have to teach our children that character and compassion are more important than ambition
  • We should be praying and looking for confirmation from God just as diligently in raising our family as we do for external battles
  • If we’re not careful, it’s quite possible to succeed on the battlefield / workplace / boardroom and fail at home. We need to put just as much energy into our families as we do into work or ministry

Remember that Jesus succeeded in every area that Gideon failed in. He was always genuine. He addressed people’s real needs. He used His time wisely and prepared people for when He wouldn’t be around. And he didn’t neglect his family for ministry.