what sin?

08/23/2006   |   growth    |       |    0 Comment

as we are journeying through acts 17, I have been really convicted and burdened as I evaluate what I read and study compared to what I see and hear around me.  idolatry exists in america but I haven’t been characterized by being bothered by it.  as I read about paul’s response to the idols in athens (acts 17:16), I am convicted.  am I disgusted and infuriated that cities across america are full of idols?  have we put idolatry in a box that we can keep at bay in order to feel confident about our worship of God?  do we think idolatry is merely carved images and statues?  

 are we seeing what God sees?  idols are not too far from what we ascribe worth to outside of God.  partner with me as I commit myself to observing what’s around me as God would see it and becoming burdened by it.  let’s ask God to help us see what he sees and feel what he feels.