wet n wild

06/05/2007   |   church life, Uncategorized    |       |    3 Comments

2nd pixWho said you can’t have fun starting a church.  Six of us got away and stepped out of our comfortable zones Saturday to experience a taste of the great outdoors…  It was a rush… full of adrenaline, teamwork and flat out exhilaration.  We worked, laughed, grunted, encouraged and trusted.  Two of our studs even went overboard but yet with courage jumped right back in the raft with greater determination.  After a few aqua laps, we were functioning like a well oiled machine seeking for the next jault and splash.  This is what I call small group living.  Community life isn’t limited by location.  You can be in someone’s home, on a backyard deck, in a coffeehouse or dressed with a helmet, a tight PFD, with aching biceps, stressed out abs and a soaked cotton shirt.  Life is an adventure, ask God to give you a community to live it with.  If you are interested check out some more flicks:  http://www.wellspring-community.org/maxon/content/photos/index.php?gal=2  If you want to come along on the next one email us at info@wellspring-community.org.