Undeniable History – 1st African American President

11/05/2008   |   community, family living, meaning of life    |       |    2 Comments

Personally throughout this rigorous, cynical and divisive presidential campaign, I’ve been silent regarding my political preference, whether it be Democrat or Republican.  I see my role in this era of endless and even circular arguments as a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I’m not a political science major, politician, media guru, activist, humanitarian leader, religious/political preacher, nor deceived into believing that Jesus champions one political party.  My life has been made alive and redeemed by an effective calling from God and predestined to proclaim the only news that can offer forgiveness of sins, liberate and transform the human heart – the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We must respect the voice of America that was heard on November 4, 2008.  As an African American man, I celebrate Barak Obama on becoming the 1st African American President in this countries history.  I only wished my deceased father and mother were alive to see this historic moment.  Call it what you will, this man has had America engaged in a conversation of diversity, justice, hope and dreams that hasn’t happened at this magnitude since the foundation of this country.  Regardless of his views of inclusion and tolerance, we must all give him credit for his tenacity, consistency, call for unity and racial reconciliation, oratorical eloquence, technological savvy, intelligence and strategic exegesis of the perceived desires, needs and aspirations of so many in America. 

As Christians, we must allow the conversations of hope, dreams, equality and opportunity to lead people to their ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ not in an “atoning king” for the sins of America.  My challenge to American Christians is to not spend our time “hating”, “criticizing” and arrogantly politicizing what cannot be altered from the history books but to preach the gospel to a thirsty culture that is ripe for the truth of Jesus Christ.