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Did you know there exists in familial life a study of trickery that is lived out by your children?  Trickery is a sect of deception that is housed in your offspring.  Yes!  Children want what they want, when they want it, no matter what you want… Don’t sleep!  Trickology is a subset of the depravity of man that if not CHECKED can spring up into an adult that is controlled by his own selfish desire to please himself.  Obviously, I’m facetious in terms but serious about the reality.  Ask God for extra discernment; if you are married, work together.  If you are single, ask someone around you to peek into your home and help you see what you may not be able to see.  Children, teens and young adults are wonderful gifts from God but they can be tricky.  As stewards and coaches, let’s pay attention, ask God for wisdom, not avoid conflict and stay on post…  May God give you strength to endure the most exciting times of your life. 🙂