swim kids swim

06/11/2006   |   Uncategorized    |       |    2 Comments

father show us how to raise kids that impact culture without drowning in culture.  give us parents, church leaders and volunteers courage to stand for what is christ-centric, withstanding the floods of idolatry inside and outside our homes in order to maintain the conviction to train our children to pursue worship of God over things.  we repent of our raggedy example of valuing the material over the immaterial. 

help us model a passionate heart and lifestyle that seeks after knowing you through spending time with you in prayer and reading your word.  have mercy on our kids.  help them pant after godliness and develop a real relationship with you untangled from empty vices.  help them swim upstream enjoying life which is only found in living for you. 

help us not get lazy and tired of coaching, mentoring, modeling, training, disciplining, teaching, encouraging, rebuking and pushing… we need you lord.  breath into us all so that we can help them stay afloat.  keep them swimming lord.  in the only one that can keep them… in jesus name – amen.