The simple things in life

06/25/2007   |   meaning of life, parenting    |       |    3 Comments

j & k

Recently, I was reminded by my two boys of the simple things in life.  As we were on the beach today enjoying some rest and relaxation, I had to capture them while they were taking advantage of some wholesome fun.  Kids are bombarded with so much these days that it’s hard for them to just be kids.  It was refreshing watching them be kids. 

There is such a valuable lesson in watching kids “keep it simple.”  My life is really complex at times which requires me to constantly practice “keeping it simple.”  Part of keeping it simple for me is not allowing life to get so complicated that I’m not having fun.  As I watched them, they didn’t care that it was over 93 degrees and humid, or whether the sun was beating down on their backs… They were in their element, focused on their mission – building an indestructable sand castle. 🙂

All of us may not have sand to build sand castles but we do have a simple equivalent.  I am compelled by my kids to find out what building my “sand castle” will take.  I wonder what adventure they will try tomorrow that will teach me about the simple things…