secure enough to serve

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how can the church proper serve like the savior?  how can we really securely on mission serve those around us?  i believe the father wants to see incarnational service to our culture.  there are lost people around us who need their souls regenerated by the spirit of God.  However, the scripture teaches that it’s a invisible thread between the feet and the heart.  something happens in the heart of mankind when an incarnational representation of Christ washes their feet.  the question i’m challenged to answer in my own life is “whose feet am I washing?”  let’s ask the father to show us what insecurities are hindering us and whose feet around us need to be washed .

jesus knew that he was sent from God, was going to God and all things were given into his hands.  in this reality, he served those around him.  the expectations of the triune God is that we do the same.  let’s transform the culture, one set of feet at a time.

john 13:3-5