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in an age of communication the word “secrecy” is oftentimes related more to whether you can keep confident or secure something that someone else has told you or something that people don’t need to know.  we rarely think of secrecy as a discipline to practice.  growing up we developed secret pen pals who received “private” letters from us personally without anyone ever knowing what was written in them. 

in a world that thrives on “showing off” we as followers of jesus christ could benefit from practicing the discipline of secrecy.  not only are we following the trends of attaining to celebrity status, we also are way past our quota of showing off.  no, we aren’t showing off jesus, we are showing off ourselves and what we do before men. 

jesus was a master at living out the spiritual discipline of secrecy.  note – jesus never did anything to show off himself.  everything he did was to show off the father and to authenticate that he proceeded from the father as the messiah sent to redeem lost men.  secrecy was at the core of his nature because he flowed according to the will of the father.  jesus was always motivated out the interest of the father.  however, even his brothers who didn’t believe him wanted him to prove himself with miracles in jerusalem.  in other words, they were saying if you are going to authenticate yourself as the messiah then jerusalem is the place to do it.  “for no one who seeks to make a reputation for himself does anything in secret.  if you are doing these things show yourself to the world (john 7:4).  jesus said, “my time has not arrived, but you are ready at any opportunity (7:5).”  jesus was never out to show off; he was always in submission to the father’s will.

let’s not show off to build a reputation for ourselves, let’s show the world a savior who excels in secret for the glory of God.  make a conscious choice to do things for the glory of God that people can’t see…