richards on stage

11/23/2006   |   Uncategorized    |       |    2 Comments

i’ve been recently blogging about the fact that what we do and think in the “dark” does eventually show up for all to see…  richards said some derogatory and highly offensive comments on stage during one of his comedic routines.  he was heckled by an alleged black man.  in response richards “lost his mind” but at the same time revealed his heart.  was it a shock to me?  not really… scripture is revelatory.  matthew told us around 50 a.d. “that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…” (matthew 12:34).  as ridiculous and wicked as his comments were, the reality is that this man has some real issues that are beyond “apologizing” and hiring a publicist to do damage control.  richards, like so many other “undercover” racists (one who has a hatred or intolerance of another race or other races) need the gospel of Jesus Christ.  as evil and unprovoked as it was, it at least showed all of America how desperate this nation needs “therapy”… therapy only comes from the redeeming power of the good news of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection for ALL mankind.  Let’s prayerfully and humbly engage in discussions about this event allowing the sovereignty of God to wake up America to the 911 shouts of so many who don’t know Christ.  as well, let’s begin to gather with people whether Christ followers or not to process the impact of this horrific and “cathartic” episode.  it’s on stage now, let’s pray for redemptive opportunities and fight against a continuance of hatred…