Reflections of 1 yr. over 40

10/16/2007   |   family living, growth, masculinity, meaning of life, parenting    |       |    3 Comments

I’m not one of those bloggers who seeks to draw attention to himself to get everyone to read my blog but since I just celebrated my 41st birthday I think I have some wisdom to share.  You see, when you get “seasoned” you gravitate to things like reflecting on what you’ve learned in life rather than persistently thinking about the future.  Needless to say, I’m a visionary but every good visionary has to surmise what he or she has learned from the past.  Thus, my desire is to share random bullet thoughts that capture where I am in life regarding a few areas.


He is my hero and central focus.  I aim to please Him and not people.  I’m too old to care what people think about me anymore.  It’s too much work.

I’m reading, teaching and preaching about Him more these days – I think I finally understand.

I love Him with a fond affection and not just my head.

He is indeed Sovereign and Savior not simply theologically but intimately.

I repent to Him more and more these days as more years have past enabling me to really see how sinful I am.


The gospel is the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes.

We live out the reality of the gospel in culture, not in a vacuum or in our heads.

Jesus’ penal substitutionary atonement was sufficient for my salvation.

The gospel is not something I just responded to 20 years ago, it’s what I am learning to live out everyday.

It is my very life, not just the “Four Spiritual Laws.”

I didn’t do squat to deserve salvation, it’s ALL GRACE.


I love her more than anything in this world and will serve her faithfully until I die.

Serving and leading my wife is true manhood not living in spineless apathy appeasing her every wish…  So many dudes are waiting on their wives to lead them instead of them leading their wives through humble servant leadership.

Headship is more about my response to God’s order than my ability to tell my wife what to do.

I need my wife more than anyone else in this world.

I’m learning to comfortably lead out of my weakness and not out of my strength.

I allow myself to be corrected more by my wife now than ever before (she’s my partner and cheerleader not my adversary).

We celebrate each other’s successes and embrace each other’s failure (it’s about the team win rather than the individual win).


I repent more than I ever have before.  Some days I really stink as a dad but really learn alot from those funky days.

I’m learning how to parent through the gospel and not out of a law narrative.

I love my kids tremendously and pray consistently for them.  I’ve aged watching them grow up but it’s been wonderful.

The only desire I have for my kids is that they love Jesus, His Word and honor us as parents.


It’s a waste of time to be anything other than myself.

Nurture a few intimate friendships and discern carefully who you let in your personal space.

Speak the truth in love to those who want to hear it and pray for those who are hardened by sin.

Don’t waste time with people who can’t rejoice with you and weep with you.

Maturity is not about how you posture yourself before men on the outside but how deep is Jesus inside of you.


I take joy in being a person not simply a title… Pastor is what I do not who I am.

I seek to allow the Holy Spirit to lead me in all ministry and not my flesh. 

I value a gospel-centered ministry more than ever.

My ministry and service in my home means more to me than what I do before those outside my home.

The fame of Jesus is more of a priority to me than the fame of men.  This must be due to age because early in ministry it was all about how I could be a Christian celebrity… Now I try to quietly live life because Jesus is the real hero.

I can’t stand arrogant men or woman who seek to impress people with their theological smarts when their hearts are full of themselves.  We can serve Jesus because of His work not ours.


Men are called to lead in the home and in the church in full dependence of the Holy Spirit so that women can properly respond to his leadership.  For example, the Bible calls men to be elders and pastors, not women.

Men are gravitating too much towards apathy, timidity, game-systems, idol time, sillyness and meaningless hobbies.  Age has taught me to redeem the time with diligence, be courageous, read everything, serve without the longing for applause, enjoy humor and simplifying life to keep the main thing the main thing.

Some women are hurt, broken and seeking for meaning in life oftentimes at the expense of competing with men for roles clearly defined by God in the church.

Women are precious, tender, feminine, industrious, strong and worthy of respect.  Men and women are equal but distinct in their roles.


Healthy eating and exercise isn’t optional anymore, it’s MANDATORY.

Taking vitamins have been a life saver.

It’s thrilling to age… Thanks for listening.