reflecting his glory

04/19/2006   |   Uncategorized    |       |    3 Comments

never underestimate where God has placed you to tabernacle.  rest assured that the father intentionally constructs real life billboards within social contexts in order to reflect his glory.  God is never solely concerned with our comforts, only his glory.  just as christ tabernacled or took up residence among the folks of his day, so as well he sends us into new places, neighborhoods, workplaces and different states.  we are not rubbing shoulders with those around us for our own purposes but for God’s purposes.  remember christ’s reflection was full of loving-kindness and truth.  as you abide as a billboard missionary wherever he’s placed you embrace it until the father’s purposes are revealed and satisfied.  represent the incarnational love and truth of a savior worthy to emulate.  show him off where you are.

john 1:14