reaching the unchurched

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God has really been dealing with me over the last few months concerning defining the people group known as the “unchurched.”  as I think of the word I am prone to boil it down to a simple meaning of “not churched.”  i am convinced it’s more than “not churched.”  there are “christians” and non-christians who don’t go to church because they don’t think church is real, needed, worth ones time, safe, relevant to life, etc.  there are some christians who have been burnt by insecure, scandalous and dictatorial leaders, fake christians, bureaucracy, etc.  there are even christians as well who are merely saved without a daily christ-like lifestyle.  and obviously people who haven’t accepted christ as their savior are unchurched; however, many lost people attend churches every week.  for whatever reasons for being not churched my scope and the church at large has to broaden in order for us reach them. 

the book of acts has been blessing me tremendously.  in acts 16 paul was on a prayer walk.  as he was walking along the river he shared the gospel with a “spiritual” woman named lydia and she became a follower of christ as well as her family. 

here is paul’s divinely appointed path to this unchurched woman:

 1.  he was sensitive and obedient to the holy spirit. (v6)

2.  he was yielded and open to the holy spirit thus receiving a vision. (v9)

 3.  he immediately responded to the vision based on God’s call. (v10)

4.  he lived out his calling establishing relationships with the unchurched. (v13)