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should people wonder who we are or should they already know?  i’ve been pondering this question… part of the answer is dependent on whether we are interested in people pursuing us… i believe that inside of every human is a longing to be known and pursued.  however, the person who is known by God is already pursued; therefore, whether humans pursue them doesn’t really matter (pause and read it again).  the older I get the more i’m interested in God’s pursuit of me, therefore, i’m able to be myself and allow passive bystanders to see whatever they see… for the pursuit from people is not a higher priority to me than being pursued by God.  i love to live life.  i love to live life expressing the core of who i am.  it is what it is…

right now in my life, i’m learning to revel in God’s pursuit of me… he longs for me; he pursues me; he enjoys me; he listens to me; he is in love with me; he never gives up on me; he takes time to remind me; he cares for me; he gets thrilled with me; he embraces me; he chases me; he ventures into the darkness to find me… forget the games of creating suspense for people to figure out who i am.  what a waste of time!  God’s pursuit of me started before I was even created… I have a God who has been pursuing me and the thought of me for an eternity. 

let’s live life openly without reservation and without fear of someone figuring us out and then giving up the pursuit… let’s ask God to free us from the bondage and the prison of trying to make people like us, think we are great, give us attention, see our strengths and conversely give our lives to the intimate expression of being on God’s radar.

i’m done living behind titles, clothes, possessions, hi-fives, cars, private celebrations, accolades, and the opinions of others.  i have a God who isn’t playing games… he really digs me!  he proved it over 2,000 years ago with real blood.