pretty men

06/05/2007   |   masculinity, parenting    |       |    5 Comments

male lipstickWhat has become of the industrious man who has dirt in his nails, scars on his hands, sweat on his forehead, a distinctive smell and a pocketknife in his pocket?  Have we become so removed from being masculine that we’ve become “pretty?”  In the African American community men are spending anywhere from 6-8 hours a week getting twisty braids, cornrows, perms or dreadlock maintenance.  Where are the real men who still pride themselves on their ability to open up a jar of peanut butter with their bare hands?  Where are the men that get joy and satisfaction out of pumping gas for their lady?  Where are the men who live responsible, not looking for short-cuts at work and who don’t mind cutting grass and getting their hands dirty?  Forget the weekly manicures, facials, eye-brow maintenance and pedicures.  Get a checkup in the mirror to see that God made you distinctively male, not female. 

Recent studies report that men are spending over $4.8 million dollars on their own personal grooming… This is ridiculous.  If you are a man you better beware.  The new attack on society is the feminizing of men through personal grooming and beautification.  God hasn’t created you to consume yourself with beauty.  God has created you to be consumed with being on mission.  You better get back on your masculine post – Satan knows that if men can be feminized then there will be no stable leadership for society including the home, the church, the military and the government.  So here it is – watch out for your boys… watch out for yourself… Make sure that being “pretty” isn’t more important than being masculine. 

Get out in the backyard with your boys are play tackle football.  Get your boys to take out the trash, touching the gross things if necessary.  Plant a tree with a shovel.  Fix something small around the house.  Climb a tree with your sons.  Slide up under your cars with a piece of cardboard.  Allow them to take the oil cap off of the engine.  These things may sound basic but there not… Our boys are spending too much time removed from masculinity.  Let’s put back into culture an army of real dudes and real boys who see it as an honor to be masculine. Check out the article: