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I loved playing this innocent kiddy game with all my kids.  They enjoyed me covering my eyes and then opening up my hands real fast with a big sheepish grin plastered on my face.  They laughed everytime but began to catch onto the patterns as I attempted to cover up my eyes and get more silly each time.  Unfortunately, as Christ followers our sins that we do in secret always have a way of showing up… and it isn’t funny.  Habits, addictions, ungodly conversations, viewing preferences, affairs, etc. have a way of coming into the light for all to see as God takes the covers off of the secrets of our hearts.  The Scripture gives us a univeral principle in Luke 8:17.  Luke says, “For nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be made known and brought to light.”  Everything done in secret is coming out, both the good and the bad. Let’s uncover our hearts before God in confession, and repentence in order to seek His forgiveness before He takes the covers off and embarasses us, our families and all who claim the name of Christ.  Although Satan wants to deceive us into believing it’s a game, remind yourself that it’s not.  God’s not playing peek-a-boo.