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Lately, my heart has been burdened for pastors who are qualiifed and capable of doing ministry but yet are sidelined, waiting for God’s next assignment.  These are men who aren’t scandalous but men who are full of integrity and passion for God.  Although I am personally in a season, experiencing the ups and downs as well as the curve balls in ministry, I still know how hard it has to be to wait on God’s next move.  Pastors with good hearts and intentions are praying, serving but yet sheepishly waiting for the coach to call them into the game. 

It is incredibly difficult for a “called” man to watch from a distance the work he knows he’s capable of doing.  Yet I believe God uses sideline moments to affirm us that our worth is not connected to what we do, it’s connected to who God says we are.  We are worth more to God than what we do… It’s hard to distinquish who we are from what we do but God has a way of making the distinction. 

A great friend of mine is waiting on God right now.  I’ve tasted his heart cries wishing that I could snap my fingers for God to move him into his hearts desire.  But one thing God helps me to see… while he’s waiting, God is working… Please pray for Pastors in full-time, bi-vocational, or on the sidelines waiting for their next assignment.  We benefit from every minute you labor for us on your knees…