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Despite what the media or pop culture may say it’s a great time to be a teen… Living in an age that embraces individuality and personal preferences would seem to be an invitation for Christian teens to get “public” and fired up about their Savior.  What better pathway for Christian teens to express their invidual convictions without worrying about what people think.  This is your season and opportunity to tell the world with your life that Jesus isn’t just a Sunday morning thang…

Pray right now that God would bring you a group of friends that you can hang with and agree to wear Jesus with your lives.    Real blood wasn’t shared behind clothes doors for you.  If Jesus was willing to go public for you in utter humiliation can’t you make him a priority publically with your life?  There is a post ready for you to get on to show off to the world what a real Christian teen looks like.  Go 4 it!