On Duty?

02/20/2007   |   Uncategorized    |       |    1 Comment

Is there anyone on duty to apply a healing salve to the wounds, bruises and cuts of a sufferer?  When life throws a curve ball that has no inscriptions of sin present, who is available to coach the sufferer to pick up the bat and get back in the game?  Who journeys through life with the hurting, navigating through the unexpected responses while simultaneously peering for the light at the end of the tunnel? 

As counselors, we become radar specialists in identifying sin.  However, we are off-duty when it comes to exploring the dark heart and cloudy mind of a sufferer?  It takes the compassion of God for Biblical counselors to connect deeply and patiently taste the pain of the afflicted and at the same time stretch them to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.  Counseling for the Christ-follower is more than sin-spotting; it’s a multi-faceted job description that addresses all that has impacted the human soul.  If counselors want to address the human soul holistically, we must not forget about suffering… 911 will forever be a horrific reminder to us that suffering is no respector of persons and has no gender, social-economic, racial, or demographic preferences.  Suffering continues to sucker-punch the brightest, the “strongest”, the most intelligent and the godly…  Suffering is not just for “under-classmen.” 

As we process this, let’s consider our own story of suffering in light of Christ’s resurrection power.  Within it could lie the answers, power and motivation to keep us on- duty.  Christ came, died and rose again so that we could lovingly and skillfully represent Him in response to ALL that has riveted the human soul.