nothing to say

04/18/2006   |   growth    |       |    2 Comments

after watching mel gibson’s “passion of the Christ” again my mouth hung wide open, my body paralyzed and my pride crushed.  seeing most of the text come to life put being a follower of jesus in a whole new light during this holiday season.  i was amazed to witness how our savior was tortured relentlessly to put it mildly but never said a word in defense of himself.  he humbly knew who he was and who his father was.  it is convicting to think of how many times you and i run off at the mouth defending ourselves and our reputation?  we have even become sophisticated in being able to cut people deeply without appearing belligerent.  may our mouths continue to hang open as we marvel in awe of a worthy king who suffered as a lamb but yet rose as he said he would.  may his resurrection demonstrate to us the power of the final word as we live on his behalf.  shhh, your father is in control.