new lenses

10/11/2006   |   growth    |       |    0 Comment

Lately, I have been awe-struck by God’s Word.  It is full of truth nuggets that have been devotionally ushering me closer and closer to Jesus.  In Ps.119:18, the psalmist asks that the Lord “open up his eyes so that he can gaze at the marvelous things out of your law.”  What a humbling proclaimation.  As much as we may think that we have a “special” upper-room connection with the Holy Spirit, it is the Lord that gives us insights into His truth, not us.  The more nuggets of treasure I find the more humbled I am that it had nothing to do with my hermeneutical discoveries but everything to do with God’s gracious revelation.  You and I are desperate!  We are desperately dependent on the perogative of God to give us insight into His Word…  As I’m preparing messages, over and over I’m asking the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to the original intent of the author; the redemptive purposes in the text and how this text can take us closer to Jesus.  May we all seek to beg the Father for new lenses that don’t have deep scratches, faded tint and an out-of-date prescriptions.  The Holy Spirit graciously desires to give us new lenses if we would only keep our appointment with Him.