never can applaud

02/12/2007   |   growth    |       |    2 Comments

Did you know that any good that comes out of us is from God alone?  When things happen around us it’s such a knee-jerk reaction to say, “Look what I did, especially if it’s good.”  But even though that’s our innate reaction it doesn’t mean that it originated from us… Anything that is good that comes out of us is for God’s applause.  Before Christ, we had no righteousness (Rom.3:10) and to put it bluntly our “throats were an open grave.”  Everything inside of us was DEAD and our throats were the gateways that ushered out deception, venom, curses and bitterness.  Nothing about us was good although our human morality may have appeared good. 

However, Christ sought us out and redeemed us with His own blood and gave us His righteousness.  Now, everything that comes out of us that’s good and “right” is for His applause.  Let’s continue to live by grace so that he can get the standing ovations.