needy parent

08/23/2006   |   parenting    |       |    1 Comment

God, please help me and parents throughout america to parent from the scriptures… help us to not depend on the re-engineered responses to our let downs and put downs growing up.  our junk really will jack our kids up.  help us to stay broken and utterly dependent upon you… if we were raised in legalism, don’t allow us to coast into permissiveness.  if we were raised with an iron fist, help us not to make our kids the center of the universe.  if we were raised with a license to sin and disobey, help us not to lead them like an army soldier…  help us yield the imperfections and mistakes of those who knowingly or unknowingly parented us from their own capacity. 

keep us teachable.  don’t allow us to pridefully assume that we have all the answers.  help us to not abuse our stewardship of our children by becoming a sole provider.  help us to learn from the experiences, wisdom, successes and failures of those around us that humbly stand ready to assist us in the journey.  help us not to barricade our thinking in the four walls of our homes as if there is no one able to assist us in doing something that we’ve never done before. 

strengthen those who are experiencing silent frustration.  encourage those who have lost perspective in anticipating any change.  bless those who have taken the baton from a savior that has their heart.  give us endurance to never quit, always trust, pour out grace, establish boundaries, follow-up on instructions, continuously love, make them a priority and stay in your presence.  we can’t do this without you!  we love you, we love our children and we know you love us all.  in jesus name – amen!