More thoughts on the life of Gideon

06/03/2010   |   church life, Featured    |       |    0 Comment

We preached a message this past Sunday 5/30/10 on seasons in Gideon’s life based on Judges 6 and 7.  I wanted to share a few more thoughts that God impressed upon me after the message:

  • God sees you as you can be not just as you are.
  • Sometimes God will use you to be the change you’ve been crying out to him for
  • Reminding God of our limitations implies that He made a mistake choosing us.
  • “Putting out fleeces” is a poor way to discern or confirm God’s will for your life.
  • Sometimes God reduces your resources to make sure He’ll get the glory.
  • God reduced resources because he said Israel would boast, not that Gideon would boast.
  • Encouragement came after  commitment.  God allowed Gideon to hear the Midianite soldier’s dream – but only after he’d sent everyone home but the 300 men God chose.
  • 300 men may not have been enough swords, but it was more than enough trumpets and lamps.   God didn’t just reduce Gideon’s resources, He ended up using the men in a totally different way than Gideon ever imagined.   What’s powerful is that Gideon trusted God enough to be obedient without knowing the plan upfront.