Living Large (sample)

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People all around the world are searching for life.  The thirsty are feverishly exploring and looking under every “rock” in an attempt to discover the meaning of life.  However, Scripture teaches us that life is living in relationship with and for God.  If life is living with and for God then how can one live “life” apart from God?  The frank reality is that this isn’t living.  We live in a post-Christian world and exist in a Post-Christian culture that “lives” without acknowledging God with great “satisfaction.”  In the patristic period (100-451 BC) Pelagius, a British ascetic monk argued for a human life of human autonomy.  He believed that the resources for salvation were inside of us independent of “grace” – unmerited favor given from God.  Augustine (354-430) argued that there is no such thing as salvation apart from the grace of God.  Augustine says human nature is weak, fallen and frail; Pelagius says human nature is autonomous and self-sufficient. Scripture proclaims that man can’t save himself (Ephesians 2:8,9).  We cannot have life or live life apart from the grace of God.  What would your life look like if God’s grace wasn’t extended to you?  Another question to ponder is how have you acknowledged and lived out God’s grace today?  Psalm 145:8 says, “The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love.”  Although His creature’s sin has provoked His vengeance, He still is loving and patient towards them.  The text says that he is “rich” in love.  The Hebrew writer tries to help us to see the brevity, extent and magnitude of His love.  His love is LARGE and His grace or graciousness is revealed in the love that He demonstrates to us.  In order to live life with and for Him, we must “live large.” We must learn how to live as recipients and givers of His LARGE love and grace.  May today be a day that we put on display to an independent, self-sufficient, pseudo-autonomous culture God’s LARGE love and grace, intentionally changing the world for His glory.