Life After Adultery (Pt. 1)

12/20/2007   |   community, family living, growth, masculinity    |       |    0 Comment

Life After Adultery, Part 1Can a marriage recover from the devastation of adultery?  This is the pervading question that is pondered by the adulterous couple as well as the counselor who is tasked with assisting them.  How does a couple whose heart’s desire is for the pain to disappear proceed?  How does a couple obtain the courage to venture into their heartache in order to salvage the rubble from the aftermath of the betrayal and emotional chaos?  Once the reality and impact of adultery hit, the only remaining question is how to continue living life?

Following the realization of adultery are insurmountable emotional, mental and physical aches and pains that become life’s daily reminders of the breech of trust.  In addition to the inner anguish is the on-going presence of the person who has inflicted this pain.  Instead of choosing to escape from the inflictor of pain, one is now left with the confusion of whether to ever trust their spouse again.