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Is this a new drug?  No!  Then what is L+E+S+D?  It’s our strategic vision for 2008.  God wants the leaders and partners of Wellspring to become better lovers, engagers, sharers and disciplers in 2008.  Today, as I was thinking about our church I asked myself, “How am I loving, engaging, sharing and discipling in 2008?”  To be frank, this is the first time I’ve asked myself this questions but nevertheless, have been informally doing it.  I’ve been trying to become a better lover of my wife… not the romantic side but as a sacrificial servant.  God has been thumpin’ my heart challenging me to intentionally serve her even when I don’t feel like it.  I can’t love others if I’m not loving her first.  The Holy Spirit helped me to see that loving her always benefits others.  In my opinion, a man who loves well is a man that gives his all in loving his wife.  When a man loves his wife sacrificially, he then knows how to love others… 

I’ve also been challenged by the Holy Spirit to engage with more unbelievers than ever before in my life.  I want to be around them in order for the fragrance of Christ to be smelled.  It’s fun, exciting, real, intriguing and an opportunity for Christ to be seen.  I recognize that when I was an unbeliever, I wasn’t thinking of coming to anyone’s church but wow, wouldn’t it have been nice for the church to come to me?  I have a long way to go as I seek to engage for Jesus but I’m fully in the game. 

In regards to sharing, I am fully committed to share my life and strength with my family as my first priority.  As I share my life with them, it overflows into how I share myself in leading and shepherding God’s church.  Growing up I was so selfish but right now I really see God sanctifying me in this area. 

Discipling is the last piece to our strategy for 2008.  First, I am fired up about discipling my wife.  I haven’t always had this in balance with the rest of what I do but God’s grace has me laser focused.  My discipling routine is praying with her and for her throughout the day, reading and dialoguing over a short story in our couple’s devotional, discussing my sermons with her and encouraging her to stay intimate with Jesus.  We are currently reading a book that we are both familiar with and have been longing to read for a long time.  It’s so sweet how wives are always ready but us MEN are so distracted…  I am also excited about reading a powerful book together with oldest son as I seek to make lasting impressions in his heart. 

If you are flowing with us in this missional movement called Wellspring, how are you loving, engaging, sharing and discipling or being discipled?  I’d love to hear your story.  If you aren’t a part of Wellspring, please feel the freedom to engage with us and if you are in Charlotte, I’d love to see you at the Well.