lasagna anyone?

05/23/2007   |   growth    |       |    1 Comment

A friend of mine told me to research the concept called “lasagna gardening.”  So, being a fanatical gardener I took her up by doing a google search.  You’ll never believe it… she was right.  It is a cool way of gardening in whatever space you have available.  The really good thing is that you can layer the garden with peat moss, organic matter and garden soil one layer at a time.  For those of you who are saying, “What?”  Here it is… Plants thrive in well prepared and organic soil. 

I couldn’t help but think about my heart.  How easy it is for unhealthy “layers” to act as a buffer from me really allowing God to penetrate my heart.  Instead of having great layers of soil that allow God’s Word to plant deeply in my heart, bad layers pile up around my heart hindering truth from growing me up.  Bad layers such as:  being irritable, prideful, impatient, greedy, guarded, arrogant, mean and apathetic.  If we don’t deal with sin as it happens, it only adds up, becomes thick, confusing and complicated.  Let’s repent of sin when it happens before we find our hearts full of weeds.  Ask God to help you do the lasagna thing so that layers of good can allow God’s truth to grow well within you.