His Sovereign Choice

06/20/2007   |   church life, community, growth    |       |    1 Comment

Bible study crewWe have been experiencing an overwhelmingly rich time on Mondays, navigating through the book of Romans.  Particularly, we have been convicted and sobered by chapter 9.  This is one of the most difficult chapters I’ve ever tried to exegete but rising to the surface has been a clear view of the Sovereignty of God as it relates to his love for the elect.  He chooses to have mercy on those he desires to have mercy and compassion on those who he desires to have compassion.  What really has busted up my heart is the lengths that God goes through in order for his glory to be seen in my life.  He will patiently allow the vessels of wrath (the enemies of God) to exist in order for the vessels of mercy (the elect) to reveal the glory of God.  I am so humbled at God’s choices on my behalf.  Understanding this has really settled my heart with a restful trust in Him.  How can you rest in God’s Sovereignty?  (1)  Recognize that God really doesn’t need your help to provide the best for you; (2)  Allow God the right to be God; (3)  Know that His choices ultimately are for your good; (4)  Resting requires faith; (5)  God sovereignly chose you to be his child before the earth was created; (6)  Even your enemies are under God’s control; and (7)  God loves you!