hetero or homo

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search for truthGod’s love is not a discriminator…  I love that so much about God.  He compassionately loves and pursues what He has created in His image. never “sleeping”, not as if He needed it but always attentive to His creation… whether we acknowledge Him or not, He remains on our trail until we’ve breathed our last.  The true God that is due ALL our attention, chases us in a breath-taking love pursuit.  Although we pursue other things, He remains committed, hoping that one day we will grasp the magnitude of His love.  I see your love.  I’ve felt your love.  I know your love.  Thank you God!

Yet the dilemna for you who turn away and suppress God’s truth and embrace a lifestyle of homosexuality is that in many cases, you have redefined or diminished the truth.  However, God still chases, longs, pursues and desires that you embrace Him but you can’t know and experience this truth because you knowingly or unknowlingly have grown comfortable with suppressing the truth of God.  Morality has become objective and relative based upon your own choices.  because morality has been neutralized and repostured, you grow distant from God and more consumed with yourself.  You are consumed with yourself more than you are interested in God.  Yet He still pursues, still chases, still grieves, still longs… still waits. 

What’s true to you, isn’t necessarily truth.  I’ll tell you some truth – God loves you and regardless of what you think He knows or doesn’t know about your lifestyle choices, He wants to show you but you have to stop suppressing His truth.  turn to Him before He allows the full consequences of your choices to sucker punch you, to put it lightly.   Try it…  I’d love to hear how it goes.