greater goals than $

06/22/2006   |   growth, Uncategorized    |       |    2 Comments

it’s amazing how often the saavy and informed make decisive decisions about their goals for their money… when we get the itch concerning financial stewardship we catch a vision of where we would like to be financially thus exerting all types of energy to be able to achieve what we desire.  good things such as getting out of debt, paying off student loans, paying off credit cards, saving up for a new car or paying someone back often are motivators that lead us to reluctantly make major sacrifices to make it happen.

i propose to you that they are far more superb goals that we can strive for.  case n point, our spiritual growth goals…  i know we live in the real world with real deadlines, threats, pressure and desired freedom… trust me, i want to be a great steward experiencing the freedom of no debt as well but what about becoming more like jesus?  have we lost a vision for what our purpose is?  i’m challenged right now to stop typing and make a list, setting sub-goals and timelines – for real.  i have been praying over what i’d like to see over the next 5 yrs. in my life spiritually.  i’ll peel back the covers of my life for you.  i’d like to raise up over 200 surrendered leaders at wellspring within the next 5 years.  you say, “that has nothing to do with you?”  that has everything to do with my spiritual life.  1 john 2:6 says, “Whoever claims to live in him must walk as jesus did.”  i will not be able to influence or “raise up” 200 leaders if i’m not striving to live like jesus did.

therefore, after you read this, take a moment and start mapping out your spiritual growth goals.  where will you be spiritually in the next 5 yrs?  as paul would say, “redeem the time, for the days are evil.”  prepare for your spiritual future by setting a target – jesus christ and a few sub-targets to get you closer to him.  plan today to be one step closer to him tomorrow.