God deep & Socially stunted

07/11/2007   |   growth, masculinity    |       |    3 Comments

The latest buzz in the hearts of ladies that are fired up about Jesus is the reality that many men are strong in the LordUnbalanced Man but immature in their own social awareness… or socially mature but spiritually weak.  The ladies are crying out, “Where is the balanced man?” Can a Christ-filled man be strong in his faith without being a silly little kid?  Is there such thing as being mature in Christ and immature in life? 

Does life teach a man how to form dotted lines between his growing faith and his immaturity due to a lack of experience?  Or do men become “balanced” men by hanging out and learning from balanced men?  I’d say, that God uses both to teach a man – life and other “balanced” men.  Let me start by defining my impression of a “balanced” man.  A “balanced man” is a man that lives his life for God, always recognizing his sense of responsibility to those around him and to God himself. 

God desires men to be saturated with him but also in tune with themselves, their surroundings and the people they engage with.  Is it wrong for a godly man to be silly?  No!  But if a man leans on his godliness conversationally and leans heavily on his silliness relationally, then this man is out of balance.  If a man relates out of his spiritual immaturity but engages in conversation out of his social awareness, he is out of balance.

If I’m hearing the ladies correctly, they want to befriend and dream about men who relate and engage conversationally out of maturity in the faith and social maturity.  Alright men, let’s trust God to grow us up spiritually and socially.  God has designed us with the ability to strike the balance in Him. 

Adam (Gen.2:15) was God’s man but he was also socially mature (responsible).  He wasn’t God-deep and socially stunted.  He had his act together as he trusted God.  Note that before Eve came along, he was already demonstrating mature responsibility (he had a job and a place to live).  God wouldn’t have given him the responsibility of tending and keeping the garden if He knew that he was “deep” but immature as he related to his surroundings.  Did he have a sense of humor?  I’m sure he did… I’m sure God did too.  For example, Why does Adam have to tend and keep the garden when it’s just him and God?  He didn’t know animals and a woman were on the way…

Men, let’s be “deep” but let’s also be socially mature.  Now don’t mis-read me.  Socially mature doesn’t mean – that our personalities are “dry” as a two-week old chicken bone.  What it does mean, is that God’s man knows when to leverage his humor and when to leverage his maturity.  If you feel you are a man that is growing in that balance, encourage another man that’s around you.  If you are a man that wants to do better at striking the balance, engage with a man that you respect and is able to mentor you.  If you are a lady waiting on that man, ask God to continue to balance you in the meantime.  Have fun and enjoy the journey!  Stay tuned – I’m feelin’ this topic.