From a Sermon to an Apple Cobbler

08/24/2007   |   family living, growth, masculinity, meaning of life, parenting    |       |    1 Comment

There is never a dull moment when you have children that like to eat.  I thought I had the evening planned for working on my sermon until the word “cobbler” was mentioned.  Since I am the self-proclaimed chef, it was my responsibility to slice the apples…  Off I went, slicing over 15-20 Granny Smith apples.


As my kids, hovered over the bowl asking for every fifth slice, I hurried as fast as I could in order to prevent getting weary.  After a cramp in my finger and sticky fingers, my job was over and Les’ job began.  She is what I call the “Crust Master.”  I passed the bowl of apples to her and she started mixing the crust.  However, my ego was shattered as my kids suddenly began migrating now to where my wife was working.  My stock had tanked, nonetheless, I was pumped that my job was over and forty five minutes later, the masterpiece was done.


In those few moments, God taught me an incredible lesson about the beauty of teamwork.  My wife and I have been teammates over 17 years… We cherish our ability to work together to see that the Bond family wins.  I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. 

As we are preparing for our community group that we will teach on teamwork –, we are attempting to live it out. 

You may ask yourself, how do you move forward as a team:  (1)  Recognize that if a husband and wife don’t work together, no one is going to win; (2)  Determine what is the win for your family and work together towards that win; (3)  Serve one another sacrificially even when you don’t feel like it; (4)  Fight against pride of wanting to win by yourself and for yourself; (5)  Try to see the end from the beginning; (6)  Allow the strengths of your spouse to help the team win; (7)  Celebrate a win when you both work together; and (8)  Thank God always for your mate because if they weren’t in your life, you wouldn’t win.  I think this apple cobbler was God’s sermon for me this evening.  Sorry, I wish I did have a Blog-smeller! 🙂