flex in His grace

05/15/2007   |   church life    |       |    2 Comments

Sunday was a thriller at Wellspring.  We showed up to set-up for service to find out that the school was locked and no one was coming to open it up.  Our payment was received by the school system but the head custodian wasn’t notified that we had a valid contract to enter the building.  My first question to the Lord was “What is happening Lord?”  Immediately, I was faced with two choices… either figure out how to let people know that Mother’s Day was going to be a disaster or trust God to work a miracle.  I informed the Set-up Team about the situation and we knitted our hearts together in prayer…. After praying, a suggestion of a clubhouse nearby was our only option.  God began to unveil his plan.  One of our key leaders stayed back to inform those who came while everyone else headed to the clubhouse.  We set the clubhouse up the best we could and then God began to send His people.  Our people at Wellspring responded with incredible flexibility.  Even our caterers for our “after service” Mother’s Day reception were so accomodating… Our moms were honored as we praised God, listened to His Word and fellowshipped as a community.  I praise God that he is teaching us how to flex in His grace. 

Whatever sudden surprises you’re faced with in your life, recognize that you have plenty of room to flex in His grace.  Trust His favor, trust His grace and trust His providential will.  May God encourage you as you live life according to His will.