felt (self) needs

09/28/2006   |   Uncategorized    |       |    1 Comment

I wish I could shout out from the roof tops to let everyone know that Wellspring isn’t a felt needs, programmatically driven church…  We are a missional evangelical church called by God to be on mission for him in culture.  The contemporary, mega-evangelical church in response to the anti-traditional church movement has created a $ driven, consumerism that is teaching Christian believers that the church owes them a dose of felt-need medicine.  The church isn’t called to please people, the church is called to please God.  God is pleased when Christ followers are practicing righteousness and loving our brothers and sisters. 

What about evangelism in a felt need church culture?  Do we bring people to church so that they can place their order?  No way!  The Scripture doesn’t model bringing lost people into the church in order to programmatically recieve “healing” for their dysfunctional or human felt needs.  God calls the church to go into the culture as servant missionaries through relationships…  Unfortunately, the church has become full of shopaholics requesting a mg of this and a gram of that instead of the Word of God.  This has to stop if the world is going to be reached for Jesus Christ.  Let’s confess and repent of our mindset and mobilize a servant brigade hitting the streets instead of sitting in our pews waiting to be served and entertained.  Holla!