Enjoy the Pleasure of Kissing?

09/06/2007   |   community, growth, masculinity    |       |    3 Comments

Christianet recently came out with their staggering poll results related to kissing – (Click Here)Kissing Is Acceptable While Dating. The poll revealed that 134 out of 271 respondents said that it was acceptable to kiss during dating.  Of the other 137, seventy-one said “no” and 66 were unsure.  Is it really that shocking?  Sex is pervasive and bannered everywhere for our convenient indulgence.  Who cares if a passionate kiss takes me into fornication with someone I’m not married to?  Or on the other hand, what’s wrong with expressing my love and care for my boyfriend or girlfriend?  I can control myself and make the necessary decisions to prevent dishonoring God by fornicating.

My purpose in blogging on this is not to bound singles in legalism or accentuate liberalism.  Stimulating the reason why and the impulses that drive us into how we make decisions is my intent.  Do we do what we do based upon tradition, culture, preference, and feelings or based upon true biblical anthropology and natural God-design sexuality?  Passionate kissing physiologically drives humans towards the culmination of fulfillment in sexual intercourse.  Is there a place for it in “cultural dating?”