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how can we live in a “church on every corner” country and still have so many thirsty people?  or should I say “christian” on every corner… why in the world are people thirsty with so many “christians” around?  isn’t being a christian a foretaste of Christ himself?  let’s get on the map with the culture and give them something to drink – the living water found only in the savior.  here’s some thirsty signs to help you engage with the folks in your mission field.

  • curious about spirituality
  • seeking relational security
  • open to dialoguing about “truth”
  • want safety
  • hurting/bruised/cautious/weary
  • hungry for “love”
  • want to be in a village
  • ignorant of their thirst
  • looking for authenticity and relevance
  • tired of traditional church
  • searching for leadership with integrity
  • open to spirit-filled worship experiences
  • don’t want to be hurt
  • want family
  • open to new ideas
  • dry spiritually
  • unable to deal with lifes problems
  • drowning in error
  • malnourished in the essentials
  • don’t know many people
  • open to new ministry delivery systems
  • filling thirsts w/ things and people
  • wasting time
  • looking for meaning
  • want acceptance and affirmation
  • real relationships?
  • want spiritual growth
  • open to diverse environments
  • been burnt
  • want to serve God not church
  • desirous of more time
  • hooked on image and status
  • hungry but skeptical
  • see church as irrelevant


Give them a drink – FOR REAL.