don't desert Jesus

04/25/2006   |   meaning of life    |       |    6 Comments

is celebrity “wisdom” taking over the thoughts and actions of christians?  yes, it’s amazing to see arising out of the abyss of depravity believers who gladly embrace the mantel of celebrity status.  many are striving to be a celebrity or a guru in some corner of self-proclaimed truth.  we don’t need more celebrities; we need more humble servants who are willing to stand for the truth and live it.  who are we listening to?  what christian has become your “oprah?”  there is nothing wrong with gleaning from the proclaimed truth of God’s humble servants but always remember john’s words, “the Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing.”  the Spirit can still speak to us, offering us insight into God’s heart for our lives.  Jesus’ words still give life and produce fruit.  they may not possess the glitter of celebrity status or the popularity of your best inspirational preacher but jesus still has the words of eternal life.  being in tune with what the Spirit is saying through the Word of God takes consistency, humility, patience and discipline.  hang in there… jesus’ words are hard to accept at times but are the only words worthy to be accepted.  facing a life challenge, a tough decision, embarking on a new relationship, trying to find life’s direction, in need of a boost, struggling with being single, in a financial bind, frustrated at work, overwhelmed by a complacent spouse, tired of a disobedient child, or experiencing a season of dry bones.  wherever you may be God’s Word is sufficiently capable of whispering life into your situation.  trust Him enough not to desert Him for a counterfeit celebrity who has deserted jesus.  read and listen to the Spirit speak to you…  you can’t go wrong!

john 6:60-71