detox from envy

06/17/2006   |   Uncategorized    |       |    1 Comment

toxins can contaminate the bloodstream thus affecting every organ of our bodies.  it can eventually lead to the deterioration of our liver which is an extremely vital organ for maintaining a healthy bloodstream.  if you want to cleanse the blood, detox the liver.  toxins are foul, disgusting, putrid, worthless, and deadly.  i’ve recently run head on with a toxin that is flowing like cancer cells in the hearts of christ followers.  envy is just as deadly to the heart as a toxin is to the bloodstream.  it’s often latent due to a masterful discipline of disguise.  we know how to give a fake smile, a half-hearted display of excitement, a deflected comment, a personal comparison, a silent demeanor, a slanderous comment, a nitpicking criticism, and self promotion.  envy is wicked and i can’t stand it in others and i hate it when i see it in myself. 

envy says, “i can’t rejoice with you because i wish i had what you enjoy”; “i’m jealous but i’m not going to let you know” or “what makes you so great to get or enjoy that?”; “God made a mistake, he really meant for me to enjoy what you are enjoying.”  we say this and more in our hearts but work hard to not let anyone see it.  but here is the “bust”, we all see it.  we see the lack of rejoicing, the blank stares, the self-promotion, the diverted comments, the critical spirit, and the subtle competition.  this wicked disease will destroy the testimony of christ if we don’t acknowledge the invader and cleanse our hearts with the truth of His word. 

envy is pride and clearly deceives us.  we are deceived in thinking we are full of wisdom but james 3:14 says, “but if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts do not boast about it or deny the truth.”  we deny the truth of God, ourselves and others.  our “wisdom” is toxic.  james goes on to say, “such wisdom doesn’t come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, of the devil.  everything that comes out of our mouths is toxic when we harbor envy in our hearts.  did you know that envy can destroy bodily tissues and even bones?

when is the last time you rejoiced with someone?  stop being selfish, prideful and self-deceived.  honestly allow the truth of scripture to cleanse your heart so that God can bless your life, family and ministry.  toxins have no use to the body and envy has no use to the body of Christ.  detox today and live a pure life for the glory of God.