Deeper Still

08/15/2009   |   Women    |       |    0 Comment

Guest Blogger:  Roslind Moore

I was tired. Tired and numb. That’s how I felt as I made my way to the Greensboro Coliseum with 15 other women from the Wellspring Community of family and friends.

We joined 11,000 other women who were anticipating hearing God speak.

What is His will for my life? How come life is so hard? Why are my desires unfulfilled? Why can’t I hear God’s voice? How do I know God really loves me? Why would God even be concerned about me? Will I ever have true peace? Will my marriage ever be healed? Why am I still single? Why am I married? Will my family ever be whole again?

Those are just some of the questions we asked ourselves – some aloud and some in our hearts – as we sat in that Coliseum at the Deeper Still conference waiting expectantly for God to use Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, and Beth Moore to speak to us. And speak He did. He answered all of our questions with an overwhelming “I am sovereign and I love you.” Oh, how sweet to hear those words spoken! How sweeter to believe them!

Sometimes we look for elaborate, outrageous, I-can’t-believe-He-did-that answers from God, and sometimes He answers that way. But most of the time, He answers us quite simply through His Word. As dynamic as Kay, Priscilla and Beth are, they will be the first to tell you that they are nothing apart from Jesus Christ. We take all of our longings and unfulfilled desires to many places looking for satisfaction. But what we learned those two days in that Coliseum is that genuine satisfaction comes from Jesus Christ alone. We found out that we were asking the wrong questions. We were focusing on what was lacking instead of the riches we already have and have had since the day we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior. So instead of asking, “Why are my desires unfulfilled?” We should be asking, “Are my desires in line with what God already revealed in His Word?” Instead of asking, “Why can’t I hear God’s voice?” We should be asking, “How often am I reading God’s Word to hear what He has to say?”

We realized that the first set of questions focused on a lacking God. But the second set of questions reminds us that we are the ones lacking and in desperate need of our perfect Savior, who sacrificed everything so that we may live! We found out that truth and belief work together and that we can dream the big dreams God has for us because He said in His Word that He goes far beyond whatever we can ask or think! The question is this: Is your thinking right? Have you accepted Christ as your Savior? Do you read His love letter to you so that you can hear His voice? Are you drawing near to Him? Because that’s when He draws near to you. When we are in relationship with God, we learn to accept His sovereignty because, by faith, we have chosen to believe that God’s heart is always good toward us, despite our circumstances. He is perfect and we can trust Him not just because He loves us, but because He is love! What could be more fulfilling than that?

At Wellspring, we exist so that unfulfilled people find genuine satisfaction and life in Jesus Christ – that’s our mission. Are you on board?