Dead Clothes vs. Divine Attire

11/26/2007   |   church life, family living, growth    |       |    0 Comment

About 12 hours ago I finished a sermon coming online called “Living Life Clothed in Jesus.”  Within this message I dealt with what it means to “put on” (ESV) or clothe ourselves with Jesus.  I dealt with Colossians 3:1-17 exploring Paul’s encouragement to the Christ followers at Colasse as they were up against humanistic false teachers who prided themselves on creating extra work for the saints.  They were attempting in a gnostic way to add do’s and don’ts to the already sufficient Jesus.  Paul told them free yourselves from this nonsense by seeking hard after Christ and setting your thoughts and affections upon him… As I was studying this text it became so apparent to me that we pursue hard after everything BUT him seeking to fulfill ourselves apart from him.  We as a Christ-followers have to repent…  There is such a subtle addiction in Charlotte to pursue gratifying our flesh with more… more… more… when everything we need is in Jesus… But that just seems to elementary.  People say, “What I need is more money, more influence, more power, more sex, more status, more activities (especially for my kids), more clothes, more food, more men to complete me, more women to fulfill me, when Jesus is saying, “You have it all wrong.”  When I made you alive, I made you to live for me finding full satisfaction in me and me alone. 

The next thing we saw in the text was an urgent command to “put off” (ESV) or mortify/starve the dead deeds of the flesh that Jesus died for… Paul is telling us to starve the dead deeds of the flesh that try to convince us that they have power over us.  For when Jesus died, he bore our sins in his body, and wiping away our sin debt.  When he rose from the dead, he destroyed sins power over us.  We are called as “alive Christ followers” to starve the crap that is in us that seductively attempts to keep us from living out our resurrected life.  Our flesh is constantly attempting to keep us in bondage to the dead deeds of the flesh.  Paul says starve it by not feeding it and making a date with it…

Thirdly, he urges the Christ followers to “put on” (ESV) or suit up with Christ.  This is Paul’s last command for us to live out loud the life that Jesus died for by putting on and wearing our divine attire that cost Jesus his life. Compassion, humility, forgiveness, etc. are all things characteristic of a true Christ follower that has been made alive.  Paul says, stop adding humanistic, man-made junk to your new faith in Christ and live through Jesus.

Processing this message has heightened and created within me a greater sense of thankfulness for all that Christ has done for us and what he really desires for us.  Ask God to speak to you and where you are as you listen to this weeks message.  Let me know if Jesus is enough…