Coveting the Forbidden Fruit

08/21/2007   |   growth    |       |    1 Comment

I just have to have it… I know it’s not good for me but something inside of me craves it. My conscience warns me, the Holy Spirit warns me and trusted friends warn me but I just have to have it. Doesn’t this sound like us sometimes relationally when we find ourselves infatuated with someone who we desperately want to be “God’s choice.” It’s so hard to see it but everybody else can… Isn’t that so bizarre? It’s like we are in a daze, struggling to see the truth. Why do we sometimes, fight against “truth” or try to ignore it? You want to know why? It’s simply because we want what we want.

Take debt, for instance. We want something so bad even though we can’t afford it, so we charge it… We never plan to get into credit debt but our passions drive us to become irrational because we “want what we want.”

Here’s my two cents, let’s do ourselves a favor and admit in advance that we are coveting something that is off limits. Deal with it on the front end before it bites us on the backend. Too many times, we redefine and rationalize covetousness and then pay severely on the backend. Stay in your lane even though they are good looking “cars” that you see passing by on both sides of you… You see, there is a reason why they are not in our lane.

Let’s bring daily our hearts before the Lord and trust His grace to give us just what we need and not always what we want.

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