comfort for eternity

05/19/2006   |   growth    |       |    2 Comments

seasons come and seasons go… however, some seasons seem like they last for a lifetime.  i’ve been there, experienced that.  sometimes our hearts get troubled, agitated, disturbed, bothered or even discouraged.  i’ve been there, experienced that.  this morning God dropped a healing balm on me which I want to share with you from john 14. 

shortly after judas, one of jesus’ disciples was entered by satan jesus was able to encourage his disciples as his departure became immenent.  from the text it appears that the disciples were experiencing angst because of uncertainties which were undefined in the midst of jesus speaking about his departure.  could they have been experiencing anticipated fears of loneliness and instability?  in the heart of their experiences jesus spoke to their angst.  verse 1 seems to be such a timely statement, “don’t let your hearts be troubled.”  are we able to control our hearts from being troubled?  it’s huge to see how the next statement which is a spiritual pursuit is clearly linked to our emotionality even when troubled.  “trust also in me.”  here the text admonishes us to not allow our hearts to be troubled but trust in jesus.  sounds too simple – maybe like one of job’s non-counseling friends? it’s not a trite statement but one drippin’ with a deliberate shift in perspective.  any angst we feel or loneliness, concern or agitation from time to time, should cause us to deliberately turn our hearts toward christ, to trust him.  why can we do this?  we can trust him because he is “preparing us for eternity.”  whatever we are experiencing is happening in order for us to trust him as he prepares us for eternity.  he told his disciples to not be troubled because they belonged to him and thus he was preparing a home for them in eternity…”  in other words, i’m working on your behalf… i do have your back, you are not alone.  don’t be discouraged, trust me. 

further in the text john goes on to record that the real reason that our hearts get troubled. we tend to doubt God when we don’t know all the details regarding what helps us feel secure(v5) and thus we intentionally or unintentionally “ignore” Christ (v9) missing the opportunity to draw close to Him in intimacy.  a troubled heart gone un-checked leads us to get stuck in the quick sand of doubt and miss crucial opportunities to grow. 

the lesson is concluded with an admonishment to have “faith.”  when we have faith then the holy spirit gives us power and perspective to seek jesus asking him to move on behalf of what really troubles our hearts.  so the next time something troubles you, discourages you, frustrates you, causes you to be impatient, or lonely, don’t allow your heart to be troubled.  remember he’s preparing you for eternity.  remember to trust him as he works on your behalf.  remember to have faith in christ alone taking everything that troubles you to him. allow him to move your troubled heart to a trusting heart. 

john 14:1-14