close betrayal

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betrayal is a beast to the emotions.  the ache is un-imaginable and merely impossible to explain.  we try to explain the pain with statements such as “stabbed in the back” or “sucker punched” but there is no way to express it – it just hurts. 

jesus is well acquainted with betrayal as well as close, intimate, and relational betrayal.  judas was trusted and even honored minutes before he chose to betray Christ.  what happened to him?..  judas was close in proximity but distant in salvation.  he was around jesus but wasn’t a believer.  you would think that journeying with truth would be enough. 

betrayal is a part of the human dilemna; however, the closer the betrayal the deeper the gash.  know this – when no one else can understand how deep you are cut by betrayal know that jesus understands and is willing to journey with you through it.  he has been “troubled in his spirit” as well and will teach you how to represent despite the ache.

john 13:21