Cleavage is in but not with Jesus

08/01/2008   |   church life, community, growth, masculinity    |       |    0 Comment

Why aren’t Christians and Christian leaders publicly educating people about the suggestive impact that visible breast cleavage is having on our women, men, young boys and young girls?  Let’s send an APB out that alerts our sisters that it’s destroying the body of Christ.  Sensual fashion designers have duped Christian women into believing that clothes and “showing a little” doesn’t hurt anyone…  In a brief search, I realized that there were websites that teach women how to show cleavage with small breasts.  I would provide the URL but it’s so ridiculous, I wouldn’t dare do it.  Why are Christian women following the seductive, money hungry, pervert fashion designers and not Jesus.  I know Middle Eastern cultures covered their whole bodies when they got dressed in the morning but can you imagine Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Jesus coming to our worship gatherings with three-quarters of their breast showing?  Here’s a call to the husbands:  wake up and check your wife and her heart before she leaves the house.  If you don’t, you are as much to blame as she is… What’s the deal?  Is it a matter of ignorance, preference, naivete, insecurity, fashion, turning the eyes of men, attention addiction, spiritual immaturity or plain ole’ carnality, etc?  Let me know what you think.