can they see Him

06/16/2006   |   Uncategorized    |       |    3 Comments

a conscious decision to govern what comes out of our mouths takes tons of discipline… can’t say that i’ve perfected it but i’m sure working on it with a passion.  i can hear my mom say just as clear as today, “watch yo mouth boy.”  i know our savior says it differently but i’m sure more frequent than he wants to for christ followers.  i sense that christ followers as a whole have used the liberty of speech as a license to sin in jesus name.  it’s ridiculous how often i hear “christians” taking verbal jabs at each other…  tearing each other down instead of building each other up.  if we love him, shouldn’t we be like him.  i never read in scripture any evidence of jesus carelessly using words to defend himself, protect his image, tear down, or consistently make fun of others.  God help us!  just this morning i was personally rebuked by i john 2:6, “Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did.”

God is calling us to transcend the cultural language which is absent of the holy spirit.  i’m not advocating that everyone walk around like zombies with no personality, scarred to say a word in order to appear under the spirit’s control or never kid around with others.  no dry fellowship, please.  on the other hand, no venomous fellowship at the expense of others either. 

we have incredible, unique, vibrant personalities that are designed to be married to hearts that are under the control of the holy spirit.  what i’m advocating is that we develop the discipline of bathing our hearts with His heart (Word), and renewing our minds and thinking consistently to impact how we speak.  we’ve lost the art of “thinking before we speak.”  no matter what the environment or situation, we are to be “walking as Jesus did.”  

let’s show our families, schools, neighborhoods, churches and world how jesus would talk if he was jphysically walking the earth in 2006.  let’s not allow careless habits in our lives to hinder the savior from being  seen.