beat-down tired

09/08/2006   |   Uncategorized    |       |    1 Comment

there have been some days that i’m exhausted to no end… flowing in various roles and seeking to stay focused on meeting 1 expectation – God’s.  what keeps me going?  if you’re anything like me, sometimes you’re too tired to ask.  i’m driven out of my delight in God.  if i’m not delighting myself in God, finding pleasure in Him and the reality of His hand on my life i would say, see ya!  after years of complaining and seeking the sympathy of others, I’ve grown to live out of His infinite energy and not my own.  living on mission for God regardless if it’s ministry, home-making, leading a family, doing a 9-5, delivering papers or waiting on tables – it’s about delighting ourselves in Him.  let’s not look for an audience to hear our complaints and frustrations but look to a gracious God who wants to give us His energy and perspective to endure for His glory… no gatorade, comfort food, or energy boosting vitamins… but a reliance on the endlessly energetic God who specializes in sharing and carrying burdens.